Animal Pathology Laboratory

Our dedicated medical unit – a 30-member-strong team, extends its expertise to not just the in-house livestock but also to the farmers who breed outside the dairy's framework. The trained experts, apart from hands-on treatment, also provide consultation to the farmers on livestock health, supplements and dietary recommendations. The ultra-modern pathological laboratory helps in early detection of pregnancies, diagnosis, prevention and control of diseases.

Frozen Semen Laboratory

The laboratory, established in 1997, filled up the long-standing need for quality semen, a critical requirement that the Government was unable to fulfil for a long time. Till date, over 18,000 artificial inseminations have been carried out in the lab, with a success rate of nearly 35%. The facility annually preserves 600,000 doses of semen. Genetic records spanning over ten generations of chosen breeds have been maintained as a definitive knowledge base to drive further research strategy.