Animal Nutrition

Fodder development program

At a very early stage, the Chitales understood that the key to quality milk produce lies in fortifying the cattle with high quality fodder. Studies have been conducted to evaluate the cultivation methods and nutrition value of ‘morvel’. Hybrid fodder options, such as feed variety maize and silage (fermented, high-moisture stock fodder) are being industriously promoted amongst cattle rearers.

World Bank recognized project

The proven strength of the combined technological approach – including HHPM, animal data recording and village-based micro planning, was presented to the World Bank as a viable model under the 'Country Development Marketplace' banner. The project outshone 1,500 other submissions and was awarded a US $20,000 grant (given to the Department of Medicine, Bombay Veterinary College) for further development in select Milk Unions and private dairy establishments.