Nuts and Bolts - Chitale Dairy: Mithai made from IT

Friday, July 5, 2013

PUNE, INDIA: If you are in the dairy industry or in Pune, chances are creamy that you may have eavesdropped on the name ‘Chitale’ in some or the other conversation about milk, sweets or cattle. But what is striking is the fact that you can catch the mention of this name in equal probability at IT conferences trying to whip up sense out of virtualization or data centre consolidation as well.

For instance, when one sees Vishvas Chitale, partner, Chitale Dairy, milking the lessons of timely and smart application of new tech-disruptions for an IT audience at Dell Storage Forum, it makes one wonder if this IT-savvy man, who fills with panache curiosity glasses with tech lessons, is indeed someone who belongs to the land of cows and sweets.